Tsuki Industry is the only company in Japan that produces both reels and drums.
both reels and drums

Reuse & Recycling of Tsuki Industry

In recent years environmental issue have been attracting a growing amount of attention.

recycling and reuseOur plastic reels could potentially be harmful to the environment if they are disposed of without any treatment.

"Broad Interpretation of Product Liability" means you must take responsibility for your own products and how they are eventually disposed of. Tsuki Industry believes you can't run your business ignoring these factors. This is the motivation behind our reuse and recycle treatment system.

Our reel collection divisions are taking on this role. Many wire and cable manufacturers, our valuable customers, have chosen us to boost the economic growth of Japan.
The above diagram shows our process of reuse & recycling.
The left circle connecting two reels illustrates our reuse component.
The right circle connecting a reel and plastic illustrates our reprocessing component.
The above arrow connecting the two circles illustrates recycling the reels that are beyond reuse; these are turned into usable plastic.

Tsuki Industry's commitment to reuse & recycling

recycling and reuse

 Tsuki Industry has been performing the following since 1980:
1. Molding and selling new reels using new plastic.
2. Collecting, washing and processing used reels and reusing them as collected reels. (Reuse)
3. Remolding and circulating reels made of plastic from reels beyond reuse. (Recycling)