Tsuki Industry is the only company in Japan that produces both reels and drums.
both reels and drums

Why Tsuki (Moon)?

"Why Tsuki (Moon)?" This is a question we get asked frequently.
Shoji Goto, the founder, gave this name to the company.
He was born at the foot of the Gassan (Mt. Tsuki) in Yamagata Prefecture and always looked up at Mt. Tsuki in his youth.
He took "Tsuki" from this magnificent mountain when he founded the company.

Our "Reel" and "Drum" products are not familiar to ordinary people or thought about in everyday life.
There, however, are so many wire products, like copper wire, fiber-optic cable, welding wire, electrode wire and so on, which help maintain and support our everyday living.
Life would be much harder if there were no reels or drums to help carry these often necessary but overlooked wire products.
Tsuki Industry is a behind-the-scenes supporter of daily life.

We aren't seen as an obviously important product or as being necessary to common living, but we help support the act of life from backstage. Tsuki Industry takes pride in this modest role.
If your interests have been aroused about us after reading our website, why don't you pop into your nearest hardware store to have a close look at the cable section. You will find a great number of plastic reels in black, grey and pale blue which hold wires.
If you can see a on the side, it is ours.

Historically the reel was made of wood

Wooden reel made in 1958.
Wooden reel made in 1958.
In its former years the reel was woodwork.
Wooden reels were regarded as the cornerstone of the Japanese manufacturing industry.

Through the years the materials used to produce reels have changed to plastics, but the sizes have remained the same.
Reels continue to be the cornerstone supporting the manufacturing and communication industry, not only in Japan but also internationally.

There has been escalating demands in many areas, which has resulted in an increase in new and improved products.